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Garbage Bags - Xtra Strong- 26in x 36in - Box 125

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Constructed of a stronger gauge of plastic, these XTRA strong garbage bags use non- toxic inks and are made with a high percentage of recyclable material. This environmentally responsible construction reduces the impact of global pollution.
The lay flat, one at a time dispensing carton allows easy access and ease of stacking.
Cartons are 70% recycled material with a minimum of 50% post-consumer.
Outstanding elongation and tear characteristics make these bags suitable to handle more than standard waste and prevent the bags from tearing or stretching.
Black in color, helps keep unsightly waste hidden when transporting.
Ecologo certified is assurance this product meets strict environmental standards and has reduced environmental impact. The certification indicates a product has undergone either rigorous scientific testing, auditing or both and is compliant with third-party, environmental performance standards.
Under the Ecologo certification, the program is CCD-126 for garbage bags. They contain recycled plastics collected from household blue box programs as well as post-industrial-use markets. These bags contain degradable additives designed to disintegrate in the presence of oxygen.
Swish® Clean & Green® bags contain household post-consumer material comprised of material collected from the curbside and depot collection programs serving individual household and apartments.
ECOLOGO CERTIFIED AND ECONOMICAL They also contain, post-consumer material meaning the product has served it’s end-use at the consumer level, has been discarded by the consumer and would, unless diverted, enter the waste stream.