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MULTI - V, (Tru-Green Glass &Surface Cleaner) 16 oz

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V-GLASS is awesome and eco-friendly. Spray on, wipe off. No builders to leave any residue. Non-irritating.
Use on all types of windows, mirrors, glass, countertops, plastic surfaces and chrome.

DIRECTIONS: Spray a fine mist onto the soiled surface. Using a soft, clean cloth wipe off grime and soil. Turn cloth over or use a clean cloth and wipe away slight haze to reveal a sparkling finish. Rinsing is recommended on surfaces that come into direct contact with food.
Free of phosphates and ammonia
Does not comprise of material originating from nonylphenol (NP) Does not contain VOCs, Not toxic towards aquatic life. Derived from natural and renewable sources such as organic vinegar and natural essential oils. No residue - Non-Toxic!

CONTAINS Distilled Water, Acetic Acid, Natural Essential Oil.